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Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector : I am a Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector owner. Before I bought the E-TRAC, I had watched Minelab Explorer users do their thing. Besides being excited about my purchase, I kept telling myself this metal detector is going to be so complicated. I thought there were going to be hundreds of settings to get wrong. I thought the metal detector would be so complex, I would have to do tons of research to even run it properly. Boy was I wrong. It's a turn on and go experience, finding coins in the first minutes.

Equally as important as ease of use from the first moments of operation, the Minelab E-TRAC has it's performance learning curve you would expect from a complex piece of equipment. New users may be digging those six inch deep coins on day one, but, the challenge is there to learn techniques to pull coins a foot deep. This will ensure you never get bored running the E-TRAC, because there is always new things to learn to improve performance.
Minelab ETRAC is most famous for it's ability to provide reliable ID and audio on deep coins.

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